10 Years of Google Adsense Career

July 14, 2016

Woke up this morning to discover that my wife is exactly TEN YEARS old in her Adsense Career. This is what Google Adsense left on her dashboard:

10 Years Adsense, AdSense achievement card on publisher

10 Years Adsense

About AdSense achievement cards

If you see an “AdSense achievement” card on your Home page, it means that you’ve just passed a major milestone in your account’s history. Congratulations!

AdSense achievements are a fun way to celebrate important events in your AdSense career, such as reaching a total of 100,000 ad impressions, or serving your 1,000th ad impression on tablet/mobile, etc. Whenever you receive a card it’ll be shown on your Home page for a limited time before it expires automatically.

I did a rough estimate of her earnings these 10 years and this is what I got this modest result:

1. Impressions = 129M (Approx. 129 Million)
2. Page views = 53M (Approx. 53 Million)
3. Estimated earnings = $137K (N47.8Million Naira at the exchange rate of N350:$1)


Celebrating 1 Million Pageviews

April 29, 2007

A few days ago my wife celebrated the landmark achievement of one million page views with her Telenovela Blog. it took her EIGHT MONTHS for that accomplishment!

For a newbie blogger, that was a great feat, particularly when seen from the blog income of $1,400.00 (one thousand, four hundred U.S. Dollars), made over the period.One Million Pageviews!

Being a story site, it was not surprising that with a visitor population of 167,000+.

The lesson I learnt here is that, Philomena is trading her story-telling and writing passion for dollars. These Dollars would soon fetch her fame, if she remains on this consistent path.

CONTENT plus OPTIMIZATION plus TRAFFIC equals INCOME. That was the C.O.T.I. theory formulated and applied two years ago that has worked like a contagious fire for her.

She should look up to diversifying her income base and getting a blog to be independently hosted, instead of blogger-squatting.

She has proved that with a free hosted blog, one could generate a traffic of over 40,000 visitors and over 360,000 page views in a month.

For that same amount of traffic and page views, she could quadruple her current $500 monthly income,  if she has an independently hosted blog.

Making Money with a Website

March 25, 2007

Mrs Philomena Ojikutu amazes me with her growing earnings from her Telenovela Blog. I encouraged her to start a telenovela blog some seven months ago. Since then, I have been mostly off line because of my busy schedules.

A quick review of her 7-month report surprises me. Her monthly income has grown from zero to the region above $400 Dollars. Her monthly Unique visitors has grown from 200 to 33,000 while her monthly page-views has grown from 680 to over 260,000!

Though, I inspired her to take up the challenge of the gap in telenovela blogging, I never imagined that she could go this far in so short time period. Now it is my turn to be inspired with her modest accomplishment in her blogging ‘business’.

For your information, she is my wife and not just a stranger. I knew her dedication to the blog was unrivaled, what I did not know is that, she could pull such a huge crowd of fans with her talent.

Maybe the next advice I should give her is, to change the name of her blog from the gardener’s daughter (la hija del jardinero), to something more broader to encapsulate her whole niche, not just a soap opera out of the thousands in that niche.

My second advice would be to tell her to go for telenovela stories that has huge following on the internet, not just the low rated ones like Rebeca, which she is currently posting. I saw that she had started something on Betty the Ugly but stopped abruptly, may be, due to demand pressures of her readers.

Because she is a woman, she tends to be too emotionally influenced by her readers. Left to me, I would advise her to strike a good balance between what her current few readers, (I say that with all sense of responsibility, because her current 1,500 daily unique visitors can never be compared to the over monthly 120,000 new visitors that are searching for Betty the Ugly and Rebelde summaries on the net).

If she does that, she should expect her monthly earnings to quadruple to almost $2,000 Dollars!

I hope to snatch time soon again to critic or advice.

What Do You See?

May 29, 2006

Every imaginable blessings of mankind is governed by what I call “the Law of Light”. Your speed of accomplishment in life is determined by the clarity of your vision. For example, If you had seen what a Bill Gate saw, most certainly, you too would have become a multi-Billionaire before the age of 40!

If Riches and wealth are not HIDDEN, then everybody on the surface of the earth today should be multi-Billionaires!

To discover these riches therefore, you and I must first go for a light (knowledge) of great intensity. For without it, we continue to grope in darkness.

We also need a vehicle called FOCUS, others call it PURPOSE. Don’t dream of “Hummer Jeep”. Dream to first acquire the PURPOSE JEEP, for without such a vehicle you cannot arrive at your destination!

Its ONLY those who arrive at that destination, that ride Hummer and other exotic and classy vehicle.

The tragedy of life is not in physical blindness, but blindness of the mind! There is a place in life called DESTINATION, Every time a man or woman misses it, he or she would be stranded in Destitution. Every man or woman at birth, is a child of Divine Destiny, but many today walk the streets as destitutes.

I saw a statement in the Word of God, let me share with you: ‘…and when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.’ (Proverbs 24:14)

Your rewards in life is what determine your respects. Respect also is a function of results, which itself is a product of light (Vision). When rewards and expectations are dashed to pieces, it is because of carelessness to utilize the clarity (vision) of mind.

The world is in her night seasons because of the overwhelming problems that have besieged her. You as an inhabitant of this world need a floodlight, in this night season.

An excellent and victorious lifestyle is impossible without the floodlight. That lifestyle is determined by the level of floodlight you carry. Need I remind you that the intensity of that light is what determined if you become poor or rich in life.

Therefore I admonish you to go for the Floodlight! Without it you remain in darkness, even if the riches are close to you, you will not see it without the light.

I conclude this piece by asking you: WHAT DO YOU SEE? If you are not seeing anything; it is because there is no light in you!